“A hedgehog!” sang Pudzer.

“How woofily wondrous!”

Barked Louis, her fluffy pet pooch.

So the adventurous pair

Clamboured upstairs

To the nursery

To have a quick mooch.


“I’m surprised Mum got a hedgehog”

Said Pudz to her doggie

As they climbed up each step

One by one

“For a hedgehog, Dear Louis

Is prickly you see

And her spikes could go right up Dad’s bum!”


“Now Louis, don’t bark or make any noise

For hedgehogs are terribly shy.

Be quiet like a mouse.

Don’t bound round the house.

Otherwise the poor dear might cry”.


So Pudzer and Louis crept to the door

of the nursery right by the stairs

A small hand and a paw

Gently pushed forth

And four eyes peeped inside and saw



“Woofily woolly!” barked Louis quite loud

While Pudzer ran straight to the cot.

“Call Mum! Call Dad! Call 999!

“It’s a baby! A hedgehog, it’s not!”


Curled in a ball

Ever so small

Lay a baby with spikey black hair

Pudzer and Louis were still quite surprised

Mouths opened, they just stood and stared.


“Mum is so silly!

She got me a sister

Not a hedgehog as my own little pet.

I’m glad Mum’s a ninny

And made a mistake

Cos a sister’s the best present yet”.


While Pudzer spoke, the baby awoke

And cooed and yawned and wiggled.

“Look Louis, my sister’s uncurling herself.

She really IS a hedgehog!”

Pudz giggled.


“Hello baby girl, how do you do?

I’m Pudzer and this here is Louis.

I think we’ll be friends forever because

Already my heart feels all gooey.

We’ll play all sorts of fabrilliant games

Jump in puddles, climb trees and play ball.

Sing funny songs, catch Pokémon,

Get in trouble for climbing high walls.

Sometimes we may argue.

Sometimes we may fight

But we’ll work it all out in the end.

Because sisters are sisters

And sisters you see

Will always be bestest of friends”.









I am a stay at home parent to a beautiful little girl. I am also an aspiring writer. I am currently working on a few projects; a novel that is set in Guernsey, post WWII and a children's book set in Ireland. I write two blogs; www.irenehalpinlong.com and www.hervoicefromthekitchenwindow.com. I also love to play the piano and flute (badly!) :) And I love, love, love to read, watch reality tv shows and do easy level Sudoku.

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